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Can a physiotherapist help you with ankle sprains?

Although a very common musculoskeletal injury, ankle sprains can be very painful and a physiotherapist is equipped to see the extent of the injury. An injured ankle means that if you put too much pressure on the area, it can lead to long-term damage. This could happen while playing outdoor sports or when you accidentally have a fall. 

The joints in your ankle consist of bones that link your feet right down to the bottom of the limbs. Ligaments, tendons, soft-tissues, and muscles form the core of these joints. During an ankle sprain, there is damage or tear to some of these soft-tissues. The pain that comes with the sprain can be very overwhelming as damage to the ligaments or tissues are extremely painful and uncomfortable. However, it is important to note that most of the damage to the ankle can be repaired and fixed with the right form of treatment. With pain also comes swelling which is a natural part of the inflammation process and it is just the body’s way of protecting the place of the injury.

During the initial few days of the ankle sprain, especially the first 3 days, there will be a lot of pain and the body enters something known as ‘inflammatory stage’. During the first few days, it is advisable to avoid being in a heated place, alcohol, and any form of exercise or massage in the affected area. Doing such activities may slow down the process of recovery. After the initial days, you must understand how your body sends you signals whether you’re ready to take on a load, start exercising, running, etc. If in the next couple of weeks you’re unable to recover, you should consult a physiotherapist.

Ankle sprains generally heal on their own but a physiotherapist can help to detect causes if the recovery is delayed. They help you understand the extent of the injury, put forth a recovery plan, and guide you all along the path to recovery. They might also look at your musculoskeletal structure and understand how your body distributes weight down your legs and ankle. Your physiotherapist will give you exercises to be done at home which will help improve your strength and stability. These will be an important part of your long term recovery from a sprained ankle. 

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