Get Yourself Introduced to Concussion! What is it Actually?

Do you know that the head is an important part of the human body? If it is in a properly working state, everything will be alright. Else, it is an apology. Must have heard about a concussion?
Didn’t you? It is a traumatic head injury that may be the result of blowing to the head. It may be mild or severe.

Often, a head injury may seem to be a mild one. Experts state the fact that it may result in a serious condition in future. The cumulative concussion that takes place due to repeated number
of head injuries may have long-term effects. Are you an athlete? Less severe concussions may have long – term effects if you go back to play soon after having a head injury.

Happenings in a Concussion

You must be wondering what happens in a concussion! Normally, we know that the brain floats in a protective pool that is made of spinal fluid within the skull. But accidents may result in
disruption of the entire normal functionality. People meeting a car accident or other serious injuries may feel it difficult to tackle the shaking.

As a result, the brain slams into the interior wall of the skull. On the basis of the intensity of the injury and ability of the brain to realign, the level of damage is determined. If it is a mild
concussion, one may recover easily. Otherwise, best treatment along with proper medication is required for the hour.

What are Symptoms of Serious Concussion ?

In case of head injury, the affected person may experience loss of consciousness followed by dizziness and weakness. In many cases, the person may suffer from nausea and breaking out of
convulsion. The situation may result in issues related to vision as well. These are some basic symptoms.

What happens when the sustained concussion is severe? In such a situation, the person may experience extended:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Bleeding inside brain

If you suspect any of the above -mentioned symptoms, it is advisable to consult an expert doctor. Along with proper medication, he will suggest you have a CT scan to determine the level of
seriousness. Though bruising and bleeding of the brain is not at all life – threatening, but it may trigger some serious events in future.

What will be the Next Step?

A person diagnosed with a concussion must be taken immediate care. It must be ensured that he:

  • Takes plenty of rest
  • Takes everything easy during the day
  • Avoids physical activities like exercise, bike riding and so on
  • Sets aside home work and other mentally demanding activities

If you come across a bump, then it is recommended to apply a pack of ice to provide high relaxation. The person concerned must not be allowed to take any type of mental pressure as it
may hamper the health to the next stage. Food intake must include light and home cooked food rather than going with junk food.

Medical science has seen an immense development due to which many diseases have become curable. Right care at the right point of time will ensure the best outcome.

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