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What are the benefits of Wearing Compression medical stockings

Compression stockings are the perfect accessories for people after an intense workout to keep up the blood flow at its best. However, medical compressions stockings help lower the chances of any blood clot, or other blood circulation problems.

Besides, sportspersons often wear compression stockings to help prevent serious injuries.

What are Medical compression stockings?

Medical compression stockings are one of a kind of stretchy socks that tighten the leg muscles.

The purpose of compression socks is to apply adequate pressure to your lower legs. As a result, it helps maintain blood flow and reduce discomfort and swelling.

What are the various types of Medical compression stockings?

There are three primary types of compression stockings are:

  1. Graduated compression stockings

In this type, the impact of compression is intense ankle and decreases as it goes up the leg.

  1. Anti-embolism stockings

Anti-embolism is the type of medical compression stockings that reduces the possibility of deep vein thrombosis.

Almost similar, but anti-embolism stockings differ from that of graduated compression stockings in terms of mobility. The latter caters to the people who are still mobile, whereas the former belongs to immobile people.

  1. Nonmedical support hosiery

The casual form of compression stockings includes elastic support hose and flight socks for aching legs.

How do medical compression stockings work?

The purpose of medical compression stockings is to apply pressure legs and ankles, which in return may show the following effects:

  • Reduce the width of major veins while increasing the blood flow intensity.
  • Help blood flow up toward the heart
  • Help prevent blood from refluxing downward to the foot or laterally into superficial veins

Who uses them, and what are the benefits of medical compression stockings?

  • People who have been under certain conditions, such as Varicose veins (swollen and enlarged veins)

The varicose vein is a prominently visible vein located just beneath the surface of the skin. The medical compression stockings benefits for varicose veins improves the circulations. As a result, it provides consistent pressure in the legs, helping the blood to flow back toward the heart.

  • People who’ve just gotten surgery

One huge benefit of wearing compression stockings after surgery, especially, knee surgery is it prevents blood clots and swellings.

  • People who stand all day at work

In this case, it promotes lubrication, and hence healthy joints. Prolonged standing leads to malfunctioning of the circulatory system. Compression stockings help regulate the blood flow.

  • Pregnant women

Pregnancy leads to the high levels of progesterone which leads to the varicose vein with the occurrence of swellings. In this case, compression stockings benefit in putting pressure on your legs and prevent your veins from holding more blood than usual.

How to Choose and Use Compression Stockings

Medical compression stockings come in various sizes. These are made of elastic material that fits tightly at the feet and gradually becomes less tight at the knee or thigh.

We will measure the leg length to choose the best fit for you.  You may need to wear them on both legs, or just on one leg.

For the wearability schedule, you need to wear them throughout the day and take them off at night.

Meanwhile, we will monitor the progress, after which there will be re-measurement of the legs, and your stockings are replaced every 3 to 6 months.

 How long should you be wearing the stockings?

If there is any specific condition that is affecting your situation, then you may have to use the compression stocks until it gets corrects. It may be for several years or, in some cases, the rest of your life.


Many events give rise to the swelling, tenderness, and pain that you experience. In cases, as such, usage of medical compression stockings is the best option for lowing the risk factor. Let’s talk over what works best for you on your next visit.

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