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Vertigo is not a disease, it is basically a symptom. People suffering from Vertigo feel that they and the surrounding around them are moving. These generally don’t last for too much duration but it can seriously impact the chances of living a normal life. There are some other symptoms of vertigo that include dizziness, feeling weak, difficulty in standing and walking, constant vomiting, feeling of fullness in ear and in some cases, hearing loss as well.

Types of Vertigo –

There are two types of Vertigo –

Peripheral Vertigo – This type of Vertigo occurs due to issues in inner ear or the vestibular nerve. Majority of patients have faced this type.

Central Vertigo – It occurs due to a error or glitch inside the Cerebellum part of brain.

Reasons for the occurrence of Vertigo –

It is caused due to problems and chemical imbalances inside the brain. The movement of head constantly can be caused due to Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.

Migraines whose symptoms include extreme and unbearable headache are also a cause of Vertigo.

Another cause for Vertigo is vestibular neuronitis. In this the vestibular nerve inflames and this causes severe unbalance in the body. It hinders the connection between the inner ear and brain.

Labyrinthitis can also lead to Vertigo. In Labyrinthitis there is inflammation of the vestibulocochlear nerve.

Self-cure  –

You should definitely consult a specialist even if you are experiencing mild symptoms of Vertigo only. But there are certain things you can do yourself for curing yourself. These include-

Do not bend to pick up things and do not move your head too quickly.

Do simple and easy exercises and do meditation as well to increase balance.

Wake up slowly in the morning and sit for sometime after waking up

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.

Reduce salt in your diet or anything that can generate fluid inside your ear.

Take a nutritious and balanced diet.

Medical Treatment of Vertigo  –

Proper treatment is required to free you from this sensation if it has been recurring for many months. These are treated generally by Physicians. It s treated with a combination of exercise and medicines. A pattern of slow head movements is employed to treat Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo a disease which causes rapid head movements. Prochlorperazine is the most widely used medicine for the treatment of Vertigo. Supplementary drugs are also given that include antihistamines. Some patients are also given training and they are engaged in various types of exercises to bring balance and control in their body.

Steroids, antiviral drugs are given to those patients who are suffering from middle ear infection.

In extreme cases, inner surgeon is carried out to treat Vertigo. A bone plug is inserted into the inner ear which is responsible for triggering Vertigo.

Acupuncture, acupressure and herbal medicines are also used.

So we have explained Vertigo, its symptoms, cure, treatment etc. If you are suffering from such symptoms you must consult a doctor, do not wait for too long. Most importantly do not worry too much as there exists many therapies and treatments for curing you from this problem.

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