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Have you ever wondered why most of the old aged people complain of knee pain? With age our bones start losing minerals and calcium making them thinner and prone to injuries. The joints become less flexible and the fluid in them may decrease. Of all the joints in our body, the knee joint is the one that’s exposed to most of the strain.  Almost our entire body weight rests on our knees making them the most susceptible to wear and tear. All our physical activities depend on our knees like sitting, exercising, walking and hence knee injuries take time to heal.

Knee injuries are also seen in athletes, women after attaining their menopause, people performing heavy physical activities etc. Some of the reasons of knee injuries are muscle strain, tendonitis, ligament tear, osteoarthritis, worn-out cartilages etc.

What are Knee Braces?

Knee braces are support worn by people suffering from a knee injury. These are made of both flexible and rigid materials such as plastic, metals and other composite materials like synthetic rubber or moldable foam for padding and positioning. These braces provide support and structure to your knee. They are available in different colours and forms.Knee braces are worn by people suffering from injury to reduce pain and swelling. Athletes also use braces to reduce the strain on knees. These are worn post-surgery for speedy recovery or while rehabilitation.

Custom fit braces

As there are variety of braces with different features and designs, you have to select one depending on the kind of the injury. Some are designed to provide relief to a particular tendon or a nerve. Some are designed to just provide compression or warmth while some of them are to offer a rigid support. With Custom knee braces you can determine and create a unique brace to suit your needs.

Knee pains can be excruciating and can last for a really long time. Knee braces help you perform your activities and reduce the pain.Custom Fit knee braces are hand laminated using a combination of digital images and measurements taken of leg. Care2Cure provide custom fit braces that are light weight, low profile and durable making them suitable for all kinds of patients. Apart from the customized ones, standard size braces are suitable for the ones with a short term ailment. Each brace is designed with great care and efficiency to prevent skin irritation and provide a comfortable experience.

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