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How physiotherapy practices might change and improve post COVID-19

There is no doubt that there has been a good outcome of this dreadful COVID-19. Communities are supporting each other. Companies are welcoming work-from-home culture. Countries are trying to support each other to combat the virus. The fast-paced life has slowed down and people are enjoying returning to a more basic life.

Change is inevitable, but since the outbreak of COVID-19, a major paradigm shift has occurred which may result in adapting to new practices. These practices also have a major impact on physiotherapy as well. 

Telehealth and e-consultations

Physiotherapy will never be the same as it was, no clinic can completely return to its old practices. Physiotherapy clinics and physical therapists at large will have to move forward and adapt the changing world created amid the coronavirus crisis.

With a global lockdown, physiotherapists can no longer see their patients in person. In such a scenario, adapting to technology can help retain the patients and provide support. As registered physiotherapists, we too have adopted telehealth physiotherapy where we see our patients face-to-face via a video conference app.

Many healthcare and alternative healthcare professionals are making use of e-consultations during COVID-19 crisis. Adapting to such a change is not easy. Not many people will be comfortable adapting to virtual physiotherapy. But seeing the wider picture, what if the lockdown opens but comes with a lot of restrictions. E-consultations will be the new normal for the healthcare and alternative healthcare industry that will help in maintaining the social distancing and prevention of the virus spread in the future.

In-person consultations are a big NO

It is important to understand that COVID-19 is now a part of our lives. Returning back to normal operations even after the lockdown ends will be a big mistake. A better solution would be to employ a hybrid model – in-person consultations & online physiotherapy consultations. Giving a choice to the patients will boost effective care and credibility.

E-consultations should be ‘the norm’. Physiotherapy is fundamentally about curing the patient with care, and there is no doubt that this care is much easier to provide when both the patient and physiotherapist can see each other. Video consultations can help in building a therapeutic alliance between the physiotherapist and the patient, just like in-person consultation. The physiotherapist can visually see the injured/affected body part and the patient can see the exercises demonstrated by the physiotherapist.

Virtual physiotherapy cuts down the need to travel, pay for parking and wait for your turn to see the physiotherapist in person. It encourages people to get in touch with their PTs anytime they want. Especially, in a situation of a complete lockdown, online consultations are the best way to get your treatment done. Moreover, post COVID-19 the restrictions will still be there and you might need to exercise caution. E-consultations will be the best way to get access to your physiotherapist.

We, at Care2Cure Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation promise to give the best care to our patients by employing the latest techniques and continue to use online physiotherapy consultations in the future.


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