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Physiotherapy literally is the amalgamation of two words; physical + therapy. Physiotherapy is the science of good health and wellbeing that helps people in recovering from illnesses, injuries or disabilities. It helps in restoring the complete movement and function when somebody is affected by an injury or a disability. Physiotherapists, also called physios, have detailed know-how on the way human bodies work and they have specialized hands-on training and clinical skills to diagnose, evaluate, and treat the affected areas with the help of tapes and straps, massages, etc.

Strapping and taping is generally used in scenarios where sports are involved or any kind of physical exercise. It is a good way to deal with injuries occurred during sports, working out, heavy lifting, running, cycling, etc. It involves use of adhesive bandages or tapes, depending on the affected area, which are used to hold tight an injured or painful joint. You must have noticed sportspersons or athletes wearing some kind of tape or bandage when they have injuries or a sprain of a muscle. How does the strap or the tape help? It helps by preventing the injured joint to move in a position that would cause more pain. By doing this, the mobility doesn’t get affected too much and simultaneously the intensity of the pain will drop, making it slightly easier for you to do your daily activities. Tapes and straps can also be used for injuries of the back, such a lumbar disc bulge, or some other injury where it causes pain while bending forward. In such cases, the tape can be applied on the lower back region which will help prevent bending forward and will not aggravate the injury.

Please note that this is not only applied on the injured areas, but can also be applied to the back in general to have a good posture. This is generally done after a session of massage to keep the back strong. The tape will usually only remain on for a day but can be kept for 48 hours unless it causes an increase in pain or adverse reactions like redness, itching or numbness. If you feel your symptoms have become worse since the tape was applied, or you’re getting a reaction to the tape, then the tape should be removed immediately. Strapping and taping is not meant to be a permanent solution to an injury, it is simply used to help the injured person in the initial phase of recovery.

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