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How Poor Posture & Slouching Are Affecting Your Health

In today’s modern world, it is not difficult to find someone slouched over the phone or slumped over a laptop for hours at a time. Being engaged on a screen for long periods of time, especially when not in a correct position, may take its toll on your joints, muscles, and ligaments.

Posture could be defined as “the relatively set position of your body at any one period of time”. Neutral posture or Correct posture is a state in which minimal stress is applied to the body’s tissues, muscles, joints, and ligaments, that helps enable the most energy-efficient movement.

If your body is used to being hunched over for hours, it may be easier and flexible to continue with that same stature, even when you are not in front of a screen.

You may have heard very often that good posture is really important. If you are willing to stop your slouching habits, there are simple strategies and exercises that may help. Don’t believe us? Just sit up straight and have a look at some of the facts of Bad posture effects.

  • Poor process of digestion

Due to poor posture, it is possible for you to slouch so much that your shoulders may get folded over your chest and abdomen. This squeezes down the abdominal organs disrupting the digestive process and even slows down your metabolism over a period of time. Other side effects of this may include gastrointestinal pain and constipation.

  • Misaligned spine

Performing everyday activities without paying attention to your body mechanics may take a toll on the musculoskeletal system, which causes a muscle spasm or misaligned spine. Moreover, a misaligned spine increases the pressure on your knees and especially when you’re suffering from arthritis.

  • Lower breath quality

We often sit up straight to get deeper breaths. In the same way, if you slouch 24/7, you are naturally not letting your lungs to function in the best they can for you. Your breath quality is incredibly important for the functioning of your heart and brain, so it is essential to practice good posture.

  • Low energy level

When you are having a poor posture, you are in fact adding unnecessary stress to some parts of your body. These kinds of strains build up over time and cause aches in your muscles and joints. Our body then tends to overcompensate by exhausting itself too much, later on causing bouts of low energy and fatigue.

Humans are creatures of habit. We repeat the same things, be it a good or bad habit. It might feel uncomfortable or maybe even awkward. If your body is habitual of a bad stature or posture then whenever you try to correct your poor posture to achieve better posture, it becomes difficult to do so. Additionally, your system creates new muscle patterns with poor posture. You aren’t automatically used to good posture, but you always have the opportunity to improve it.

Sitting and working for a long time and lack of activity leads to pains and muscle spasms,

and the natural aging process turns out to make physical imbalances in the body. This

condition needs immediate physiotherapist attention. Unlike any other physiotherapy clinics in Ottawa, we provide you the top-class and personalized physiotherapy along with consultation on how you need to make changes in your lifestyle and habits.

Are you willing to improve your posture? Be mindful of when you’re slouching by looking in the mirror every so often. If your work requires you to sit at a desk all day long, just roll your shoulders back, sit up tall, and take a deep breath to make sure you are appropriately checking in with yourself. You can even tighten your core and move around more often; you are supposed to incorporate stretching in your daily routine.

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