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Aching muscles and joint pains in winter? Physiotherapy is the solution.

‘Tis the season! We all know winters are here and we love to hibernate indoors. As much as we all love these sub-zero temperatures, we may also notice some stiffness in the joints. 

During winters, some of us tend to be less active. This inactivity leads to muscle aches and joint stiffness. How can you prevent or avoid this discomfort?

A registered physiotherapist in Ottawa can help. 

Let’s looking into the various therapies that can help alleviate pain and difficulty during winters:

Physiotherapy is the right way

In cold temperatures, our body usually slows down the blood circulation that results in acid built-up in our bodies which settles in our joints and muscles. And, therefore you experience pains in your knees or muscle soreness. This metabolic waste can be a reason behind winter stiffness.

Synovial fluid lubricates joints and acts as an oil that reduces friction between the bones and cartilage for easy movement, without feeling pain. In winters, synovial fluid tends to stagnate and therefore you experience pain. To recover yourself from discomfort, it is advised to do simple stretching exercises. Keep active during the wintertime to increase flexibility.

You can perform Pilates or yoga in the comfort of your home and keep yourself active and prevent a sedentary lifestyle from becoming routine. Start slow with basic warm-up exercises and gradually increase activities to keep your body fit. So, before you head outside to shovel the snow, go tobogganing, or if you going grocery shopping, take time to limber up — you’ll be glad you did.

Massage therapy can do wonders

Low temperatures can cause blood vessels to constrict, resulting in reduced circulation and higher blood pressure. Massaging muscles improves blood circulation, and naturally lowers blood pressure, relaxes your body, and reduces any kind of tension. Getting a regular one hour massage during the winter season will help keep a body in optimal condition.

Getting a massage is another way to relieve you from muscle aches and joint pains. Massage therapy is perfect for relaxation. It improves your sleep and overall wellness. Care2Cure Physiotherapy has a team of massage therapists that help your increase flexibility and reduce pain and muscle tensions. Book a therapeutic massage therapy in Ottawa for wintertime aches and pains.

The cold weather should not put you on hibernation. Keep yourself active even while indoors. In case, the condition worsens, seeing a physiotherapist can help you feel better. The winter can be quite harsh on a body – risk of injury on slippery ice, body pains, and low immunity. Visit one of our physiotherapy clinics in Barrhaven to prevent anybody’s discomfort.

Care2Cure Physiotherapy & Rehab has a team of licensed and physiotherapists in Prince of Wales to help you get through all kinds of ailments.

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