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Pelvic floor physiotherapy is great for new mothers

A woman goes through pregnancy and a lot of labor pain. Ultimately, the body of a new mom has gone through a lot of transformation. This leads to impaired pelvic health., As a new mother, you spend most of your time and energy taking care of the baby. But your health is important too. 

Pelvic floor physiotherapy plays a vital role in helping you during prenatal and recovering you after your delivery. It is often said that childbirth is one of the most painful experiences a woman can face. But post-partum recovery can be painful too. Unfortunately, it is rarely talked about. Post-pregnancy, a woman may benefit from pelvic floor rehabilitation to regain her strength and reduce postpartum pain.

Let’s talk about pelvic floor rehabilitation for new moms

Postpartum symptoms like incontinence and consistent back pain are not something to be ignored. Although they seem to be normal, they really are not. For mothers who believe their pain can be alleviated, Care2Cure Physiotherapy is available to help.

Four common reasons women seek physiotherapy include:

  • Manage fecal and urinary incontinence
  • Prevent pelvic pain and scar tissue adhesion
  • Alleviate low back pain
  • Help to return to daily activities and prepare for future pregnancy wellness

Women’s health is a field of physiotherapy that is not well known. Specialists in this area have a fundamental knowledge of how to help women after they’ve given birth.

Postpartum Physiotherapy at Care2Cure

Care2Cure Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre in Barrhaven has a pelvic floor specialist who first, conducts an initial assessment to under the causes of pain and the severity of the condition. Then, a combination of in-house exercises and a treatment plan is charted out to help regain body strength, mobility, posture, and flexibility.

It is advised not to postpone or delay your postpartum physiotherapy, otherwise, the symptoms may worsen. New mothers who are seeking pelvic floor physiotherapy in Ottawa can see a physiotherapist without any recommendations or a prescription.

No woman should put up with incontinence, chronic back pain, pelvic pain or other problems that affect her daily life. All you need is the right physiotherapist who can help you get back to a normal active life without pain.

Are you looking for Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation in Ottawa? Get 50% on the first consultation at Care2Cure Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre.

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