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How to cope up with the muscular strain in the neck – WFH?

How to cope up with the muscular strain in the neck – WFH?

There are over 20 muscles connected in your neck. When one or more fibers of these muscles or even tendons for that matter, are stretched beyond their extent, a severe strain in the neck is experienced. This injury is also called cervical paraspinal muscular strain

Muscle strain in the neck usually heals by itself over a few days or a week. However, depending on the location of the muscle and the size of the tear, the pain may range from mild to achy sharp, and debilitating pain. 

The muscles, tendons, and bones present in the neck hold your skull and allow motions and movements of your head. Bones present in the neck include the Cervical region of the spinal cord that on the apex is slender. When any abnormal movements of the neck are performed, muscles strain in the neck and cause pain and stiffness. 

What causes the muscles in the neck to strain? 

Besides accidental abnormal movements of the neck and head, there are several other reasons that cause neck pain and stiffness. 


This may include injuries due to sports, car accidents, falling on a wet floor, etc.; any injury that may involve a whiplash – sudden jerk of the neck/head. 

A sudden jerk in the muscles of the neck forces the ligaments and the muscles to move beyond their range of movement. This results in a pull and further tear of the muscle fibers. Sometimes, these whiplashes can result in damaging the cervical vertebrae further harming the spinal cord

Poor posture

Poor posture does not only affect the lower-mid back but also affects your neck. When you are sitting in an awkward position for far too long and suddenly stretch your back, your neck feels the sudden jerk and could injure the tendons of the neck and cause muscle strain in the neck. 

For instance, right now, you are reading this blog looking at your phone downwards or in your computer hunching. Observe the position of your neck. Now that you have suddenly straightened up your back, you need to stretch your neck by rotating your head and following some basic exercises (that we will see in a moment). Straightening yourself up does not loosen up the strained muscles of the neck. 

How to cope up with muscle strain in the neck? 

Stretching the muscles of the neck daily can keep injuries at bay. Performing these at regular intervals can help you keep your neck muscles loose and tendons away from tears. 

Here are 5 simple stretches and exercises that will help to cure cervical paraspinal muscular strain. 

  1. Assisted Neck Pull.

Stand up straight and place your palm on the back of your head with elbows up pointing to the sides. Take a deep breath and exhale as you gently push your head towards the floor and chin towards your neck. Apply additional tender weight on your head at this position with your head down and take a few deep breaths here. 

  1. Ears-to-shoulder.

Straighten your spine and interlock your fingers at your lower back. Allow your hands to rest on the floor of the lower back and feel your shoulders pulled back and resting downwards. 

Now, at this position, you want to stretch the side trunk of your neck by tilting your head onto the side as if trying to touch your shoulder blades with your ears. Hold at the position and feel the stretch. Take a few deep breaths and switch sides. 

  1. Forward head nod.

Stand straight with arms up reaching the sky. Gently stretch your back behind and bend forward in a slow swing. Fold your elbows and place your palms on the other arm’s elbow with your head dangling between the square of your arms. Now, nod your head yes and shake for a no a couple of times. This stretch not only helps your neck but also stretches your entire spine. 

  1. Say “YES”

Stand straight with shoulder blades as spread out as possible. Nod your head saying “YES” in an exaggerated form by lifting your head excessively upwards towards the ceiling and look up as high as you can. Hold for 3 seconds and now drop your chin to your chest and drop your head as low as you can. Repeat this 10 times. 

  1. Neck circles. 

Rotate your head in clockwise and counterclockwise directions 5 times each. Try to draw a circle with your chin in the air. 

These are some of the stretches that will provide temporary relief to the neck muscles. Until the muscle truly responsible for the pain is not found, the pain will prolong. 

Another way of treating neck pain is by reducing stress. This can be done by: 

Book an appointment with a physiotherapist today and know the exact stress point of your neck muscles and permanent relief from the pain. 

At Care2Cure, we will provide you with a personalized set of exercises depending on the neck muscle affected. 

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