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Are you looking for the types of physiotherapy in Barrhaven?

Physiotherapy is a game changer in this world. It is a ray of hope for those who are suffering from health issues like back pain, muscle tear in legs, ligament issues, pelvic pain, spinal cord damage, etc. It helps in improving the physical health of a person through exercise, therapies, guidance and education.

Much physiotherapy specializes in various conditions like sports and injuries. Age factor also counts like elders or children. However, you all should know the different types of physiotherapies and get your treatments done accordingly.

Types of physiotherapy in Barrhaven:

  1. Sports physiotherapy: This type of physiotherapy focuses mainly on athletes. They help them recover from injuries caused by sports activities. The treatment includes stretching, exercises, massages and ergonomic adjustments. Sports physiotherapy is quite expensive these days because of resistance bands and fitness balls for the patient to do exercises at home.
  2. Orthopedic physiotherapy: Orthopedic physiotherapy is a very common type of physiotherapy. It focuses mainly on the patients who are suffering from back pain and neck pain. This particular physiotherapy includes exercises, electrical stimulation, and hydrotherapy. If you have met with an accident or a surgery then you need this type of physiotherapy to recover soon.
  3. Pediatric physical therapy: This type of physiotherapy mainly focuses on helping out children improve their gross motor skills. This particular type is usually helpful if you are suffering from muscle diseases, congenital disabilities and spina bifida. This type of therapy involves children of young age and fun activities to increase their motivation levels.
  4. Geriatric physiotherapy: this particular type of physiotherapy mainly focuses on helping senior citizens who go through many severe health conditions like arthritis, stroke and incontinence. It also helps in improving the quality of their life. This type of physiotherapy treatment includes exercises, massage, manual therapy, and chiropractic modifications.
  5. Palliative physiotherapy:This type of physiotherapy is especially for patients who are suffering from serious life-threatening conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis and motor neuron disease. This therapy can help patients handle pains, progress in their quality of life, and guide patients to increase their ability. This type of physiotherapy can be done at the patient’s home as well as in the therapy rooms.


If you met with an accident or any kind of surgical treatment, but you want to undergo physiotherapy treatment and you are confused then have to look at these different types of physiotherapy in Barrhaven and what all treatments they include. Then make a decision and start with your treatment wisely.

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