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Hip Flexor Exercise

Do you struggle with tight hips? Try this hip flexor stretch. Often this exercise is performed while missing a crucial first step… tucking the bum under and flattening the front of the hips! This is an essential movement that will maximize the effectiveness of this stretch.
Key points to remember:
– Keep the hips squared and facing forward
– Tuck the bum under to elongate the front of the hips
– Lean forward while keeping the hips squared and tucked under Avoid:
– Letting the back arch in order to lean forward more
– Letting the hips hinge backwards
– Letting the back hip open to the side
Tip: Have something to hold onto, such as a wall, to help with balance and allow to relax more into the stretch. If you are looking to add a quad stretch in, you can bend the back leg and grab it with the same arm. Give this hip stretch a try and increase your flexibility! Happy moving!

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Hip Flexor Exercise
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