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What is ACL knee injury ?

An anterior cruciate ligament injury is the excess stretching of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knees. A tear may be either full or partial.

Reasons for ACL knee injury-

The possibility of having ACL injury is only if you :

  • Get a hard kick or knock on knee sides

  • Overextended knee joint

  • Sudden change in direction while jumping, running in sports like soccer, football, skiing, basketball etc often results in ACL tear.

Symptoms of ACL knee injury –

Early symptoms of ACL knee injury :

  • Swelling in knee

  • Pain while putting weight on leg injured.

  • A popping sound immediately after being injured.

Acts to avoid ACL knee injury –

  • Do not overstretch your knee

  • Use crutches to walk and do not put your body burden on affected knee.

  • Avoid contact sports until your leg healed.

Possible treatment of ACL knee injury –

Before you rush to Doctor, you should immediately undergo first aid –

  • Put ice bag on knee

  • Raise your leg above the height of your heart slowly ( Elevation)

  • Rest

  • Avoid re-injury

It is highly significant for a patient to understand his own condition and it is alarming if the foot is blue and cool post knee injury. Consult the specialist doctor and initially on approaching our doctor, he may prescribe MRI of your knee to diagnose the injury and its degree. Afterwards he may opt for surgical and non surgical treatment.

Effectiveness of Physiotherapy in Plantar Fasciitis and ACL knee injury

Physiotherapy in the above disorder is highly successful until the disorder becomes too severe to bear. It eases out the strain or minor tear in tendon and ligament.

Advice :

It is also advised to patient even after surgeries as physiotherapy facilitates easy movement and relaxation of tissues and quick recovery.


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