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A sturdy body is desired by every human being though the latest trend and change in lifestyle of folks is not backing up healthy life.  Human body is very sensitive and bit of negligence can actually land you in soup of aches and off course enormous discomfort. Even the bones which are considered to be strongest and offers frame to every small and large organ of the body too are highly sensitive. Any ignorance in its care will undoubtedly leave you in unbearable pain and often the organ loses its flexibility and becomes jaded.

Robust Shoulders put our life at ease and manual work whether at personal front or in professional realm becomes effortless.  But do you know carelessness, over exertion and wrong exercise can decline the appropriateness of your shoulders. Rotator cuff injury is most common and most painful of all shoulders ailment.

Brief introduction of Rotator Cuff injury – 

The rotator Cuff is bunch of muscles and tendons that enfold the shoulder joint. It facilitates firmness to the ball or head of bone of upper armwithin the socket of shoulder which enables easy movement in arms. Any kind of wear and tear in the rotator cuff is termed as rotator Cuff injury.

Who are more prone to it – its causes ?

With the age the tendons and ligaments of our body weakens up  as a result  little stress upon shoulders or muscles  in age above 60 can  make you face  such a muscle  illness.  But that doesn’t indicate that young people are unaffected by it.  Here are some of the reasons   of cuff injury which if not treated timely can make the effected shoulder of young as well as of aged painful, stiff or inflexible.

  • Repetitive and regular overhead activity – people habitual or having work involving overhead hands movement are more likely to suffer this injury.  For instance carpenter, painter and players of baseball, cricket and tennis as they often raise their hands above the height of shoulder while hitting balls.
  • Lifting of loads for long span too deteriorate the strength of tendons causing tear in rotator cuff. ‘
  • Any injury to shoulder due to falling, slipping or due to accidents.

 Its indications or symptoms –

  • Pain in shoulder is easy to bear during initially stage but later on the intensity of pain rises to the heights of intolerance.
  • Stiffness and pain in upward movement for example combing your hairs or can be identified while raising hand.
  • Inability to sleep on the sides and experiencing pain on sleeping.
  • Painful backward movement of hands.

Whom to consult –

Patients at times considering the issue to be not so serious consult physicians or physiotherapists who can be effective in curing if the issue is not very intensive.

 Assortment of treatment available –

Physiotherapy :

Physiotherapy, surgery and medication are available treatments for restorationof cuffinjury but intensity of injury decides the treatment in all cases. Little medication and exercisesunder the supervision of Physiotherapist is successful in recovery of not to serious injury. It prevents the shoulder from becoming completely motionless or jaded.  With the growing age mostly after 60 when tendon and ligament of body becomes weak, physiotherapy helps to get things better if not completely fine.

 Surgery : 

Orthopaedics do not opt for surgeries either when the patient is of older age when renaissance rate of the body slow. Surgery is opted when the injury is too severe to be treated by medicines and physiotherapy.   Open repair, Mini open repair, All-Arthroscopic repairs are the kinds of surgeries patient may be asked to undergo by Doctors.  Overnight recovery shouldn’t be expected in all the case however 75-100 % recovery is assured with physiotherapy after surgerywithin due course of time.


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