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Squat is a type of exercise which builds the muscles of thighs, hips and buttocks. It is a vital exercise for enhancing the strength and size of the legs as well as developing core strength. It is basically used to tone back, thigh and hip stability.

Squat is one of the best physical exercises which promote mobility. It helps you to burn fat. It is the powerful way to boost your overall fitness. It is simple to perform and needs no equipment.

Adding squats in your routine life is important. The benefits of squats are as follows:-

  • Strengthens muscle of your body: Squats help to build leg muscles. It promotes body-wide muscle strengthening. Squats are so powerful that they activate the rescue of testosterone and human growth hormone in your body. It will also help to boost muscle mass when you point other areas of body. Squats mainly help you to enhance your upper and lower body strengthen.
  • Makes real-life activities easier: Squats help you to perform real-life activities with more energy. It is one of the best functional exercises which build your muscle and help your muscle works more efficient. It keeps your body more active.
  • Burns fat: it is the most efficient way to burn more fat. It burns more calories as comparative to other exercise. Your body will burn an additional 50-70 calories per day. When you gain 10 pounds of muscle then you burn 500-700 calories per day.
  • Promotes mobility and balance: strong legs are pivotal for staying mobile when you get older. Squats are amazing for enhancing leg strengthen. They also work out for core and stabilizing muscle. It will help you to maintain balance. It also boosts the communication between your brain and muscle group. It is also the way to prevent bone fractures.
  • Enhance your sports performance: squats also help to increase your sports performance. It helps athletes run faster and jump higher. This exercise is important part of professional athlete’s program training.
  • Save injuries: Mostly athlete injuries occur due to weak muscles, ligaments and connective tissue. Squats help to strengthen the muscles. It also helps prevent injury by improving flexibility and balance.
  • Remove waste from body: Squats also help to flush out waste from your body. It improves the pumping of body fluids. It delivers nutrition to all tissue and all organs. It is also helpful to improve movement of faces through your colon.
  • Tone your body: squat is the excellent exercise for toning and tightening your abs and whole body. Squats strengthen your muscles. These muscles participate in the regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism. It helps to protect you obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Types of Squats

  1. Pile squats
  2. Squat and lunge
  3. Side to side squat jump
  4. Lateral squat walk
  5. Squat pulse
  6. Squat jump
  7. Wide-leg sumo squat
  8. Sumo squat with pulse on toes
  9. Sumo squat jack
  10. Spiderman lunge & squat
  11. Pistol squat with medicine ball
  12. Goblet squat
  13. Bulgarian split squat

Squat technique

  1. Stand tall with your feet hip distance apart. Your hips, knees and toes should all be facing forward.
  2. Bend your knees. Extend your buttocks backward as if you are going to sit back into a chair. Make sure that you keep your knees behind your toes and your weight in heels. Rise back up and repeat.

Squats with weights

Squat is the best exercise for toning your lower body. There is no shortage of variations to make them more challenging. Using weights with squat is a way to mix it up. It adds resistance to your glutes, hamstrings and thighs. There are many equipment options are available to use while performing basic squats.

Reasons to do squats

  1. Enhance whole body strengthen
  2. Burns fat
  3. Improve circulation in body
  4. Get rid of cellulite
  5. Enhance flexibility
  6. Prevent injuries
  7. Better posture
  8. Make core strength
  9. Tone your abs & legs
  10. Build healthy bones and muscles
  11. Remove waste from body
  12. Make life task easier

Squatting is an exercise which has many significant benefits of our health. You can perform squats easily. Doing squats daily is beneficial for your body. It keeps your body active and energetic.

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