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Bent Over Row Exercise


The bent-over row is a great exercise that works the upper to mid back. Making these muscles stronger can help improve posture and dynamic scapular stability. Follow along with the video to learn how to execute the movement with proper form.

The key point to remember:
– Have the opposite arm and knee supported on a bench or low table
– Keep the neck and spine in a neutral position with the shoulders level throughout the movement
– Draw the belly button in to activate the core
– Use the back muscles to help draw the elbow up and back Avoid:
– Letting the shoulder or the back twist
– Straining the neck by lifting the head or tucking the chin in
– Letting the back arch
– Using the arm muscles to lift instead of the back muscles

Try this exercise body weight, and when you feel comfortable with your form you can add some resistance by holding a weight or pulling a resistance band.
Happy moving!




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