Best Calf Stretch to Relieve Tightness

Do you find that you struggle with tight calves? Or maybe you are struggling with poor ankle mobility? Calf muscles can become stiff as a result of overactivity or inadequate stretching. Calf stretches can help reduce tightness and pain in the calf muscles.

Here is a simple and effective exercise that can help increase your calf flexibility.

Key points to remember:
– Have both feet placed with the toes facing forward, with equal weight distributed between the toes and the heel
– Be sure to keep the back heel down and the leg straight during the entire stretch Avoid:
– Letting the back toes turn out
– Letting all the weight roll onto the outside of the back foot
– Letting the heel come up off the ground


This stretch can be done with the back leg bent as well, it will target a deeper muscle in the calf! Next time your calves feel tight give this a try! Happy moving!

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