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Clamshell: An exercise to get stronger hips!

Clamshell is a low-impact, leg-strengthening workout that targets a forgotten muscle group, the hip abductors. Clamshells are a common exercise we see all the time that is often being done incorrectly. Follow these simple instructions on how to properly perform this exercise.

Key points to remember:
– Lying on your side bend the hips at 45 degrees and the knees at 90 degrees
– Squeeze the heels together to activate the glutes
– Lift the top knee up, without letting the hips roll open

– Rolling onto your side to let the knee lift higher
– Using the quads to lift the knee up

This clamshell exercise move is not only great for building strength in the hip abductors, but it also works perfectly for hip, leg, and lower back rehabilitation.

Try this exercise and feel the hips working hard. If you’re looking to increase the resistance, you can add a band around the legs to stress the muscles more. Be sure to add this exercise into your routine to help increase your hip stability. Happy moving!

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