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Gardening and physiotherapy: a few tips!

It’s the time of year again, in which some people tend to rediscover their gardening hobby. It is fantastic to be outdoors keeping moving in the fresh air. But the nasty aches are often followed the next day? These are a few gardening tips to keep you gardening happily during all the weathers:

Keep moving before your garden.

A 10-minute stretch and brisk walk for the limbs and spine are good ways to get warmed up. Change the positions very often to avoid cramping or stiffness.

Be aware of how your body responds as you work in the garden. If any part of your body begins to ache, take a break, stretch that part of the body in the opposite direction, or switch to another gardening activity. Use a wheelbarrow or garden cart to get heavy tools or planting materials moved.

Lift it using your knees and make use of good posture while moving a cart or wheelbarrow.

Give your knees a break.

Use a gardening pad or a knee pad. Take repetitive breaks and avoid gardening for very long.

Maintain appropriate posture.

Using good body mechanics while picking up something is beneficial. Bending your knees, tightening your abdominals, and keeping your back straight are advised.

Take the breaks.

Take regular stretching breaks. Stand and lean backward positioning your hands on your hips. Finish your gardening session gently bending your lower back backward, taking a short walk, and light stretching.


  • Keep your muscles hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Warm up yourself with a brisk walk or a hot shower.
  • Rotate your head side to side.
  • Roll your shoulders.

Avoid overstretching. At the times of high hedges or trimming branches, avoid direct strain on the neck using a stepladder. For planting, use a gardening stool to avoid the bend from the waist using your back muscles.

Evenly distribute your body weight during lifting and also contract the muscles of your abdomen. Bend the knees and someone to support you with a hand while the heavy lifting.

Avoid twisting your back. Practice keeping your nose between your toes; so, the shoulders, hips, and feet could turn in the same direction.

Gardening is an excellent way of staying fit. Getting into the habit of executing, these few steps may help you stay that way. Enjoy pain-free gardening.

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