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How and why to use athletic taping?

Athletic Taping

There has been constant evolution in the sports world. Not only professional athletes, but also other leave no stones unturned to try innovative ways to keep fit. However, at times, the entire fitness regime costs some kind of injury. In cases as such, we use athletic taping over the injured part that reduces the discomfort and stabilizes certain joints. 

However, not only athletic activities but also various forms of an accident have the potential to injury. Basically, the taping techniques include applying tape directly over the skin in order to maintain a stable position of bones and muscles during athletic activity.

How taping works?

Basically, the athletic tape setups help with proprioception. It helps the body to recognize the placement in space. You will be able to get the estimate of where the arm is, when you throw in and where the leg is when you kick in something. In this way you can pinpoint the region of injury.

Athletic taping and wrapping the tape is also thought to reduce pain, and while there’s likely a degree of the placebo effect involved.

Why use athletic taping?

Prevention of  Injury

Against the most traditional methods, the modern taping techniques involve using a rigid tape to as to keep the bones and muscle keep intact in correct position. The positioning of the areas is body parts near joints, such as ankles, wrists, and hands. The greatest benefit is prevention of sprains, breaks, or other injuries that may occur from exercise and competitive sports.


While major cause of injuries happens due to sports activities, but there are other factors also involved. In that case, use of modern athletic taping helps to maximize the movement of the muscle under the range. This augments the healing process 

It also serves as a splint for sprained joints that helps the injury heal at a much faster rate as well. 

Chronic Issues

A kind of athletic tape such as elastic therapeutic tape, being the latest taping technique has been used to relieve discomfort caused by chronic pain.

Rather than settling for surgery or painkillers, athletic tape comes handy to decrease some of the pain caused by this common. The application of this athletic tape shows wonder on the back and neck has also been used to alleviate headaches and migraines. 

Receive Athletic Tape Advice near You

A simple visit to our physical therapy location could be the visit that helps improve your quality of life. 

Whether you’re suffering from an athletic injury, need help in exercise preparation, or are looking for help with a chronic issue, caretocare rehab center is here to help with our large range taping techniques.

Feel free to contact us at any time to set up a screening or consultation for athelitic taping and one of our trained professionals will be getting in touch to help you on the road to a better life.


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