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Massage therapy is done by people to help get rid of pain and for general well being. It is done by manipulation of soft tissues of our body. Massage therapy helps relax the stressed muscles and thus provide comfort to the patients. Massage as a practice has been used to treat physical distress for the last 1000 years. Today, there are around 80 different styles of massage. It involves applying to press, rubbing my fingers and palm. Massage has been effective in healing several ailments and has general health benefits. It also removes all the negativity and toxins from one’s body.

Massage has helped people under stress. It reduces the level of cortisol, reduces the heart rate and insulin levels. All of these in return relieve the person of his stress. We all are well aware of how important our posture is for our personality and our health as a whole. Massage helps one improve their posture. The effect of massage is not limited to skin only. Regular massage can help increase blood flow.

Indians have a popular practice of massaging their infants’ body, typically 2 months-2 years old with a mixture of oils (mostly coconut and castor oils). This massage fosters the growth of the baby.

Different styles of massage:

There are different styles of massage that range from long, smooth strokes to short and percussive strokes. While some therapists make use of oils during the massage some do not. The most common form of massage is Swedish massage. Swedish massage is both relaxing and energizing. It can help after an injury. The other types of massage are the sports massage, clinical massage which is specifically targeted at muscle spasms, pregnancy massage, reflexology, etc. The Shiatsu massage involves applying rhythmic pressure on certain points of the body to regulate the flow of the body’s vital energy (qi). The Thai massage involves the therapists using his or her body to move the client into a variety of positions.

Benefits of Massage therapy:

It relieves stress by releasing serotonin and dopamine through massage.

It relaxes the muscles and improves flexibility and motion.

Improves immunity and normalizes the blood pressure

Massage therapy helps in curing conditions like slip disc, ligament tear, back pain, neck sprain, sports injury and many of this kind. These injuries require immediate attention and a long-lasting cure. Under such conditions, Care2cure offers both physiotherapy and massage therapy to help the patient get rid of the problem permanently. Care2cure treat health and wellbeing as a priority and hence offer the best experience to their patients. All the massage therapists are vetted, licensed and insured and thus ensure you a pleasant experience.

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