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Neck Syndrome

Neck Syndrome

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Stress neck is the condition of neck after creating repeated stress on it. Injury may come on the neck and the condition of Text Neck may arise. Due to continuous desk work or work on mobile devices, Text Neck Syndrome may arise .In fact , overuse of neck , shoulder, head by looking down by holding mobile devices for long hours keeps excessive strain on spine .Due to this strain , Text Neck Syndrome may arise.

Causes of Text Neck :

This Text Neck is growing gradually in the world due to the lifestyle of humans. Gradually mobile users are increasing and the condition of Text Neck is also enhanced. It has been surveyed that nearly 80 % of each country, the teenagers own and use smart phones constantly with the continuous pressure created on the shoulder and neck. Results are that the teenagers are getting Text Neck Syndrome at early age of their life. As the head is curved due to looking at some work, for the angles created with the straight posture, force is created at the neck. If the angle increases, force also increases on the neck. If the stress sustains, the injury created at the neck and shoulder may be permanent in nature. The Text Neck may grow due to bending of neck over the years.

Symptoms of Text Neck Syndrome –

Text Neck is new phrase coined by the researchers by Florida Dean. Symptoms of Text Neck Syndrome may be listed as follows:

  • Instant neck pain
  • Instant upper back pain
  • General shoulder pain with tightness
  • Sharp nature of pain at the end of the day
  • Continuous headache specially when head is down
  • You can lose the strength and feelings of hands and fingers
  • Text Neck gradually destroys the spine
  • The strain on neck may cause inflammation in neck and shoulder and irritates nerves. Therefore, feeling of pain may start.
  • If the cervical nerves are anyhow pinched, then the sensation may flow in hands and fingers by affecting these also.

Prevention of Text Neck –

  • Raise the books or mobiles at a higher level or at the level of eyes, so that the head or neck should not be lowered
  • You should take intermittent breaks to give rest to the shoulder and neck to avoid the constant strain
  • Sometimes you should carry out head straight posture
  • You can also make the exercise of arch and again straight
  • Physiotherapy mode of treatment for mobilisation

How to manage the Text Neck –

Pillows may be used by memory foam to reduce the pain in neck and spine. You should not use tough pillow. Always you should keep your spine straight during sleep. You should hold mobiles, laptop or other similar devices at eye level to reduce the problems of Text Neck .You should not bend your head for prolonged hours.  In workplace, office should follow ergonomics to avoid growing these Text Neck problems. The arrangement of tables and chairs with machines should be done in such way that the users will feel comfortable during working.

Treatment of text neck with physiotherapy –

If you are suffering from text neck pain, you can move to treatment by physiotherapy. It is method of treatment by way of exercises, methods enhancing mobility and reducing pain of specific area rather than drugs. The physiotherapist will offer you treatment for improving the pain in neck knowing the strength and area of pain. Physiotherapist will make the posture in right position and will advice to maintain that. They will provide the required therapy at the specific area to increase the neck mobility. The numbers of seating may be different for different cases. The physiotherapist will teach some exercises to maintain which will correct the posture and pain. Exercises advised by physiotherapists will allow the neck to correct the postures and thereby pain will be reduced. Exercises may include retraction, cervical extension.


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