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Intro – Know the Basics

Medically known as Osteoporosis, is a disease in which your bone becomes fragile and deteriorate. It happens when the body cease the flow of its natural building of bones. You can call this situation a silent disease as you never realize when your bones are emerging as a delicate part of the inner body and can crack anytime. This disorder is majorly seen in the elderly age group especially in women after menopause.

Causes – Always Take Care of Yourself :

There are many sources due to which the osteoporosis happens. These sources can be altered or unaltered. The alter causes are –

  • Excessive smoking and drinking increase the fracture risk.
  • Consumption of Drugs affects bone density.
  • Deficiency of vitamin D leads to bone loss and breakage.
  • An underweight and inactive person has the greater chances of osteoporosis.

The unaltered causes are –

  • Age factor comes on the top. As the age increases after 50, the chances also increase, in the case of the men and women both.
  • If your family has a history of fractures as a part of hereditary, the risk factors are more to be like.
  • European or Asian ancestry are more contingent on osteoporosis.
  • When, mostly in the case of women, the estrogen level goes down due to the missing periods or menopause.
  • If your bone structure is thin or small that causes the more chances of risk.

Symptoms – It’s Important to Beware Before the time Arrives:

Normally, Osteoporosis has no symptoms. But on the earlier stage, we can notice back pain, loss of height, and a stooped posture. And on the later stage, you can have bone fractures and falling risks.

Fractures are the most common outcome due to the osteoporosis. The main related areas of the osteoporosis fracture are the spine, the wrist, hip, and pelvis.

Due to the weak and fragile bones, you can fall or your any part of your body can twist easily.

Apart from the pain and disorder postures, it can affect your mobility and emotional state.

How Physio Can Help–Best Treatment Out Here :

Care2Cure will help you in finding the best possible therapy treatment that will solve the problems of Osteoporosis with the durable and reliable bone structure. We have varieties of therapies that can be customized according to the need of the patient at a considerable rate.

Care2Cure is the place where you will find the highly trained staff that will personally take care of you only.

Author’s Bio –

Care2Cure is the physiotherapy and rehab centre where you can help out yourself in every possible way using their advance diagnosis of root cause and finding effective and appropriate methods to resolve the disease.

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