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Changing lifestyle has introduced a variety of diseases. You pop painkillers or antibiotics to kill pain instantly, but have you realized what an adverse effect it can have on your health, in the long run? What if I said, that most of your pain could be reduced without any of these medicines? Yes, you heard it right!

Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure on certain points in the feet, hands, and ears by fingers. It is based on the fact that these body parts are connected to certain organs and organ systems. It is a natural way of healing and reducing the tension on a particular organ by applying pressure on a point that’s associated with the organ. It is an alternative way of healing without the intake of medication.

The base of reflexology massage lies on those areas on our feet correspond to certain body parts. By applying pressure on those particular areas one could improve their health. Reflexologists believe that in addition to the healing properties reflexology also has certain health benefits.

Theories related to Reflexology massage:

According to the Ancient Chinese theory, reflexology is based on qi (vital energy). According to the theory, qi flows through everyone’s body. Stress blocks the flow of qi. Reflexology aims to maintain the flow of qi thus helping the person to maintain a happy and disease-free life. Reflexologists use maps of the areas of the feet, ears, and hands to understand the points of pressure.

In 1980s British scientists found that nerves connect the skin and the internal organs. These nerves react to external changes and hence are affected by the sense of touch. Reflexology works on the principle. By applying pressure on one end of the nerve a soothing effect is created on the organ at it’s another end.

Reflexology and Acupressure:

Many people confuse acupressure massage with reflexology. Both work on the same principle of applying pressure on body parts. However, acupressure massage involves putting pressure on points all over the body.

Types of Reflexology:

There are different types of reflexology depending upon the pressure points of each body part. Feet reflexology, ear reflexology, facial and maternity reflexology and many others. There are centers offering body-specific therapy.

We at Care2cure physiotherapy and rehab center have a team of dedicated and qualified experts to relieve you from your pain. We offer comprehensive services to meet the needs of adults, senior citizens, and pediatric patients.

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