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Risk of Fall in Winter


With the winter now firmly upon us and the festive period just round the corner, there is a lot to look forward to. One thing that you do not want to look forward to is falling due to slips etc in this cold weather. This is mainly because of the water that doesn’t evaporate and instead precipitates and settles down faster. So the wet surface makes it easier for you to slip and fall. Often times resulting in a slipped disc or a fracture. So keeping this risk in mind what can you do? How do you avoid spending your winter holidays lying on a stretcher? Well fret not. Because we got some precautions that you can take and avoid falling this winter.

  1. Avoid flat soles : The main reason behind a lot of falls is the lack of traction that the shoes get with the wet or moist surface. So in order to avoid that, wear proper shoes. Also, as long as possible, avoid wearing shoes with flat or tread-less soles. These shoes will not be able to get the necessary traction in order for you to walk carefree. So take a look at the soles of your shoes before going out.
  2. Grab on to something : Since the surfaces are usually very slippery during winter, it is advised that you grab on to something as soon as possible and for as long as possible. Not only will it help you in maintain your balance, it will also help you in breaking your fall. So grab on to your railings and hold tight.
  3. Avoid heavy lifting : Since it is the festive season, a lot of things need to be moved around for the decorations. So you are expected to carry a lot of things around. However, avoid doing it for as long as possible. Not because you are lazy. But because it is easier to lose you balance and fall while carrying a heavy load. So try to be load free.
  4. Wear gloves : What do gloves have to do with avoiding a fall, I hear you ask. Well, quite a lot. Gloves are for you to hold on to something better. While your skin may feel cold or slip while holding a wet railing, the same won’t happen while your hand will be enveloped within a glove. So it serves a dual purpose.
  5. Pay attention : This is the most obvious yet the least followed advice of all the advice that there is. Most of the falls that take place, take place someone decided it would be a nice idea to look at their phone while walking. Well guess what happened next? So if this winter you value your bones, try not to look around or multitask while walking. Easiest way to avoid a fall.

So these are some of the measures that you can take to avoid falling this winter. If you are to fall, let us hope that it is in love rather than on the cold, hard ground.

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Risk of Fall in Winter
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