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The Importance of doing meditation on regular basis during the pandemic

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During this time of utter uncertainty, it is not just about stress and anxiety that we have to get rid of; it is about giving our life meaning, sustaining peace with ourselves. Something we can attain through meditation but why is meditation important? 

Meditation opens an opportunity for personal growth, contemplation, and rectification on how we want to live our lives. Awake to our bodies to establish a connection between our outer worlds and internal bodies.

Out of innumerable benefits, here are some points stating the importance of meditation in life.

  • Boost your immune system 

Breaking the stress cycle is important to get your immune system right on track! 

When you are going through a stressful period, you may notice that you often feel sick and you may lose appetite or find yourself stress-eating. This happens because there is nothing as such for the body to let that stress out. This eventually results in increased bodily inflammation that makes you vulnerable to infections and diseases. 

When you meditate, you are steady and focused; focused on your breathing, the sensations in your body, and the sounds around your aura. Unintentionally, your breathing slows down. You are more focused on the present moment, no judgments – Your body is calm. 

That is when the immune system gets a jump start to kick right back into the gear and function normally! 

  • Enhances mood

Whatever a human body feels is all controlled and functioned by the secretions of hormones in the body. When you are highly stressed and are continually under pressure, the body constantly produces the stress hormone – Cortisol. When the cortisol levels in the body rise to an extent, it affects the function of your brain, immune system and disturbs the functioning of other organs. Along with this, keeping yourself under constant pressure and stress causes anxiety, depression, headaches, severe heart diseases like high blood pressure, low sugar levels, and sometimes may cause death due to heart attacks. So, how does meditation help? Why is meditation important?

Yes, meditation does not solve the root cause of your stress but it does minimize the effects of stress on your body. When you are meditating, your body is focused and calm. Your attention is automatically driven towards relaxation. This results in releasing a hormone called – Endorphin, also known as the “feel-good” hormone. This hormone relieves stress and boosts happiness in the person. 

  • Develop trust over your core strength – Fighting Anxieties

First of all – What is Anxiety?

The feeling that constantly makes feel your surroundings as if on a high red alert zone and your mind is running and jumping from one thought to another and you are suddenly short of breath and you are feeling extremely hyper but there is this intense feeling of fear and you are so overwhelmed that you cannot contain that within you, that you cannot contemplate and understand what to do and how to let go of the fear and calm yourself down – Anxiety

*Take a deep breath* 

Meditation helps you to understand what it is to stay CALM. You need to learn to live without any difficult feelings, without analyzing your situations, your present condition, and the know-how to embrace it and solve it if necessary. 

NOTE: Ignoring your stress and anxiety is not what is being said here. 

When you let yourself feel and acknowledge your worries, stress, irritating moods, bad memories, tough emotions, you often end up losing them because your body knows you have them. It has been noted. So, unknowingly your body lets it go. 

And the ones that are left behind, you spontaneously tend to find a solution for them while meditating because your mind is at peace and calm and understands what needs to be done. 

Remember, no one better than your body would know what is good for you. 

  • Fight insomnia  

One suffers from insomnia when your mind is highly active but not thinking about anything so important. It’s when your mind is constantly running, jumping from thoughts to thoughts, worrisome. 

When you meditate, you bring your mind to a halt and say, “Hey, calm down. You are done for the day.” A relaxed and conducive state of mind is attained by meditation that helps you fall asleep. This is often referred to as the “Relaxation Response” or the opposite of the stress response. 

When your mind can accept the state of awareness invoked by meditation, it helps reduce psychological distress and improve your sleep cycle. 

  • Promotes emotional well-being 

Your emotional well-being is not about your feelings today at work or how you feel at school, how much somebody is making you feel annoyed. No. It is about how you are feeling about yourself today. How worthy you feel about yourself. And all of this is in your mind. 

When you meditate, you have a clear head, you have a clear picture of yourself, about yourself. You cannot blame anyone else for annoying you if your head and feelings are messed up on the inside. As we know and understand the state of our mind, we know exactly where to put our energy in, to allow what things and how much to bother us. We have full control over our emotions and actions at that moment. 

Sure, it is boring to sit at one place in peace with your eyes closed. Though, give it a shot! Light up some candles, play some soft music and just sit there with yourself. 

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