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The ‘Virtual Physio’ app helping people at home during COVID-19

COVID-19 is changing the way people are consuming services and how many businesses are adapting to new technologies. The need as per the current scenario is to stay isolated and exercise social distancing, which means that online physiotherapy is the most appropriate method of receiving Physiotherapy. Care2Cure Physiotherapy & Rehab has also introduced virtual physiotherapy where you can speak to a registered physiotherapist, share your condition and get a customised treatment plan.

The aim of providing virtual physio is to share how common musculoskeletal problems like back pain can be successfully managed remotely – without needing to see a Physiotherapist in person.

How does a physiotherapist see the problem area without evaluating it physically?

This is the most common doubt that everyone has about virtual physiotherapy. The answer to this is that physical therapists ask you questions based on the symptoms of the condition you have. With a thorough one-on-one counselling session a physiotherapist can accurately tell you why you are experiencing pain. 

Based on the information gathered, physiotherapists provide a course of physio sessions which can be done at home using virtual physio with a trained PT. There is no reason why virtual physio won’t work for you. In most cases, by asking certain questions and understanding the symptoms, a physical therapist can easily gauge your condition. Only a small portion of cases require scans or surgery. The majority of conditions can be easily cured with physiotherapy.

What is a virtual physio session?

Once a physiotherapist assesses your condition, the next step is to educate you about the condition and share an optimized recovery plan based on the severity of the condition.

Even when you visit a physiotherapy clinic in person you learn about your symptoms and get a personalized recovery plan which includes a set of exercises. It’s the same when you are interacting with a registered PT on a video. 

We use Janeapp that allows you to access your recovery programme from your phone. You can watch the videos of each exercise and communicate and share your feedback with us through this app. You can talk to your physiotherapist through the app and ask questions related to your condition. This app allows us to see your recovery progress report too. The advice and exercise plans will be tailored to your recovered condition and will be continually monitored to ensure continuous improvement. 

Virtual physio is definitely one of the best ways to get yourself treated in a lockdown.

What if you don’t get better?

If at any point you feel like you are not making progress using a virtual physio session, you can always discuss the option of seeing us in person anytime. Our focus is to get you in shape. If a physical assessment is needed, then we will do our best to facilitate that. Of course, the hygiene factors will be taken into consideration before you see us in person. 

We at Care2Cure are always here to support you and help you recover fast. Stay positive and let us cure your pain with care.

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