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What is the significance of a physiotherapist in your healthy aging?

The significance of physiotherapists and physiotherapy is well established in your healthy aging. However, many people still think that physiotherapy is only for athletes recovering from injury. In reality, physiotherapy and physiotherapists also focus on a generalized cure for preventing injuries and increasing mobility, along with recovery and restoration.

With growing age, you may suffer from a range of concerns, including arthritis, back pain, joint pain, muscle stiffness, ligament damage, inflammation, and lack of mobility.

There are hundreds of problems related to aging that can be prevented, treated, or managed by physiotherapists as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation regime.

In this article, we’ll try to give you a brief glimpse of everything significant for healthy aging and the role of physiotherapists involved.

What are the common issues a physiotherapist treats?

Aging affects every part of our bodies, but there are some areas that more susceptible.

Back Pain

With weaker boners, joints, muscles, and tendons, not only are our backs more susceptible to pain as we age, it becomes significantly hard to move, which causes further stiffness and pain.


Growing age makes our bones lose density and become weaker. One of the most common bone problems experienced by older people is osteoporosis.


Over time, the surrounding cartilages the joints wear away and become less flexible. The medical condition for the weary cartilages and joints is called osteoarthritis.

Muscles and Tendons

Besides the wear and tear due to consistent use, muscles and tendons tend to tighten and stiffen up, gradually. The result is less flexibility and slower movement.


A combination of less mobility, slower reaction times, loss of vision, and many other factors, falling is a  prevalent problem among older people.

How does the physiotherapist help?

The starting phase

The first thing a physiotherapist will do is perform a full physical examination. That allows identifying the issues that are specific to you, as well as the problem points on your body.

Solving the functional issues

As an example, if the outcome of the physical examination is vital to damage to bone density, the physiotherapist is likely to come up with a rehabilitation regimen to strengthen them and prevent any further loss.

As it turns out, not only will this improve your physical fitness in the short term, it will also help prevent breaking or fracturing bones in the future.

Treatment for Complex issues

Concerning your joints, things can be very complicated and may require intense examination.

Chances are some joints that will be more affected than others, and maybe adversely affected in a particular direction.

In cases as such, the physiotherapist may have to combine two or more therapies to bring back the original structure and functionality.

Rectification with Low-pressure Exercise therapy

Low-pressure physical exercise can help with muscles, tendons, back pain, and the circulatory system. Other options such as stretches or yoga may be necessary, before moving on to more physical activities such as walking or hiking.

Prevention and Restoration using balancing exercises

Balancing exercises not only improve a person’s quality of life, but it also prevents them from severe injuries due to falling.

One of the ways a physiotherapist uses a balancing exercise technique is by using the cognitive option. That involves the improvement of the conscious movements, rather than going through the motions on autopilot. This helps people become more careful and accurate in their progress.

Another option is to use cues, such as a musical beat, to maintain proper rhythm in your movements.

Other benefits are:

  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Rectifies and manages posture and balance
  • Social and mental health benefits
  • The non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical treatment option


You are never too young or too old to improve your physical and mental well-being through physiotherapy. If you are considering physiotherapy in Ottawa, contact the friendly and experienced team at the Care2CarePhysiotherapy rehab center. We’re ready to help you on the road to better health.

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