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Why Sports Pre-Rehab is the Secret to Staying Injury-Free

Sports physiotherapy

Do you regret missing out on your game whilst recovering from your sports injury i.e., are you currently in a Sports Rehabilitation program? 

Care2Cure has brought to you a program called Sports Pre- rehabilitation also called Preventive Rehabilitation; a concept employed for sports individuals strictly designed on a personalized level of: 

  1. A risk involving factors and 
  2. Protocols involving exercises 

intended to train athletes to their maximum potential to reduce the chances of any unwanted injuries that could potentially cost them their career span. 

Sports Prehab Program 

Before we get started with any person’s prehab program, it is crucial to understand that each body is built differently and that the resistance of each body towards an injury is distinctive. Our main goal in this program is to study: 

  1. The athlete’s active range of motion
  2. Observe the body’s biomechanics
  3. Build your athletic needs to produce a strong musculoskeletal base. 

As you progress in your sports career, your body needs to reach up to those needs as well. 

Note: your progress is highly based on the body’s ability to provide needs to progress

This is why the practice of prehab and its success relies greatly on the athlete’s willingness and ability to commit to prevention. This requires the athlete to be re-evaluated periodically to upgrade with their needs on aspects of strength, agility, consistency, power, and importantly, nutrition for your joints and muscles.

 Prehab Exercises for Runners

Each prehab program is designed uniquely to focus on your body needs based on your sports. However, in general, it must include body balance, help balance the range of motion, strength, coordination, stabilization, and the most crucial showdown point athlete’s weaknesses. Activities in a prehab are very intimidating as the routine begins with a subtle form of focused exercises to a complex sequence of multiple muscle targets that is important for dynamic stability and to improve an athlete’s skills. New day, a new challenge! 

The major focus throughout the program remains on your core strength along with coordination and stability of the hips, stomach, back, and core. Athletes focus on achieving six-pack abs and coaches focus on upper and lower body lifting or basic sprinting and lifting routines. This leaves the core muscles which are the trunk of your body, to strengthen that ultimately leads to instability of the entire body. 

Note: It is important to learn about the push: pull ratio to avoid PERMANENT rupture of muscles. 

A prehab program must be constantly updated to match the athlete’s progress. This is done by 

  • Adding dimensions of skill
  • One-on-one competition
  • Scoring (as scoring can stimulate an athlete’s focus and improve the success of a program). 

Using tools from traditional sports and physical therapy programs, like

  • Foam rollers
  • Balance boards
  • Weights
  • Exercise balls
  • and many more with mixed combinations of the above! 

Benefits of Preventative Rehabilitation

Runners who tear their anterior cruciate ligament, golfers with tendonitis, football players with sprains, tennis players with tennis elbow, and other athletes with injuries require to perform high-stress personalized musculoskeletal exercises that will help in: 

  • Enhancing individuals’ functional capacity by correcting joint alignment, muscle length imbalance, and flexibility.
  • Achieving a good dynamic and static posture.
  • Stabilizing and strengthening core muscles as well as enhancing muscle endurance, strength, and power.
  • Boosting the movement pattern efficiency.
  • Developing agility, proprioception, and balance.

When to Prehab Exercise

Sports physiotherapists at Care2Cure provide an individual pre-play program that should be a part of every athlete’s training routine. A common example would be:

  • Three or four exercises in a warm-up or cool down
  • A few exercises while resting or waiting a turn in practice
  • A detailed workout focusing on an athlete’s weaknesses
  • A full workout for off days or active rest days
  • A mini workout for team travel and recovery days

Depending on an athlete’s training cycle, prehab can be done within a practice session or as an independent workout.

Did you know, a prehab program intensive your feeling of being challenged and motivated by 10 times!! 

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A Prehab to avoid Rehab!!

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