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The Importance of Physiotherapist assessment and diagnosing

Physiotherapists or Physical Therapists are licensed and trained medical professionals who have experience in diagnosing physical abnormalities, facility to bring back mobility, help you maintain your physical health and functioning, and endorsing physical activity and proper functioning. 

Physiotherapy and Rehab centers focus on the restoration of mobility, maintaining joint movements, and smooth overall functioning of the body. Massage therapy in Ottawa is preferred by the majority of the population weekly. 

Assessments and diagnosis help to understand the problems you are suffering from and enable us to give out the right treatment for your fast-paced recovery. May it be sports injuries, traumatic injuries, repetitive strains, or the effects of aging on your physical health. 

What you need to know about an Initial Physiotherapy Assessment. 

On the first day of your physiotherapy session, patients are asked a piece of comprehensive information about their medical history. This includes past injuries, traumas, accidents, genetic conditions, family history, etc. as this helps to understand and link your current condition with your history if any. 

A physiotherapist ensures progressive healing of the patient in all phases, beginning with an initial diagnosis that includes: 

  • Evaluation of posture, movement, and mobility. 
  • Evaluating the flexibility of muscles, tendons, and tissues. 
  • Assessing smooth functioning of the limbs and the joints. 
  • Undergoing a physical examination and evaluating any external testing procedures required. 

Once these evaluations are assessed, the patient receives a personalized plan of treatment that includes short-term goals, plan of care, self-management strategy, and of course, an abiding target. 

Based on the specialty, physiotherapy and rehab centers treat a wide variety of medical conditions of which, we, at Care2Cure treat: 

Why is it important to have an assessment and diagnosis for physiotherapy? 

When individuals visit Care2Cure Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre we want to ensure you return to your prior level of functioning and encourage you to get involved in more and more physical activities without worrying about your physical health. Primary care doctors refer most of the patients to get a physiotherapy assessment at the first sight of a problem as these assessments help to thoroughly diagnose the problem and provide an optimistic approach towards the solution. 

  • Eliminate Pain

Therapeutic exercises and massage therapy in Ottawa have alone proven the best results to relieve muscular distress of any kind. Back pain, shoulder pain, and neck stiffness have been a common complaint of citizens of Ottawa due to the Stay-at-Home order. Lack of body movement tightens your body muscles and requires you to loosen them with help of massage therapy.

Therapeutic techniques are required to get rid of joint pains and the immobilization of soft tissues. Assessments benefit you of the treatments like ultrasound, taping, electrical stimulation, protective braces, compressional stockings, etc. as false use of any of these could reverse the results or even better, WORSEN them! 

  • Avoid Surgical Treatment.

More than 70% of people have turned towards massage therapy in Ottawa to progressively heal an injury that could avoid undergoing surgery. Avoiding surgical treatment have great benefits that include risks associated with being put under anesthesia, disruption to your work life, longer recovery period, higher expenses, and post-surgical medications. 

Perhaps, some cases have an exception for surgery. There is no choice but to undergo surgery and for those cases, physiotherapy plays a vital role in post-surgery recovery. This is because: 

  • Improves flexibility of muscles and tissue.
  • Enhances range of motion.
  • Minimizes the development of scar tissue. 
  • Helps manage pain levels.
  • Minimizes prescription narcotics. 
  • Helps surge the healing process.
  • Prevents blood clot formation. 

The post-surgical phase compromises your overall fitness and also affects your blood pressure that could lead to life-long heart conditions like hypertension and cholesterol

  • Improve Posture and Mobility.

Physiotherapy and Massage therapy in Ottawa has proven best to restore muscle mobility and in improving posture – no matter the age – physical therapy always helps! For this, Physiotherapy and Rehab center makes use of devices such as cane, crutches, or any other assistive device, or assess for orthotic prescription. These individually customized care plans can allow you to perform activities essential in your life and ensure maximal safety. 

  • Recover Body Balance.

Losing body balance is very common as it is sometimes utterly unpreventable but, not completely. A physiotherapist diagnoses the reason behind your loss of body balance as sometimes it could be a serious condition that may require advanced therapy called Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy. On further assessments, you are provided with exercises to perform at home and, at the clinic, you will be challenged with your balance by mimicking real-life situations. This therapy will not only help you restore your balance but also improves coordination that will help with safer walking and running activities. 

  • Manage Effects of Aging. 

With growing age, adults develop arthritis, osteoporosis, or require a joint replacement. For which, physiotherapists become best friends of elderly individuals as they are experts in managing arthritic pain, severe osteoporotic conditions, and recovery from any surgeries or replacements. 

  • Prevent Sports Injuries. 

Physiotherapists are well aware of how different sports increase your risk of injury that may as well affect you permanently. At Care2Cure, we educate you on how to prevent yourself from sports injuries, also known as Sports Pre-rehab and, if needed ever, we bring you back on your feet running on the ground! 

Sometimes, injuries harm more than just your physical health and may also affect your mental well-being. Physiotherapy and Rehab centers provide a special therapy which is termed Neurological Rehabilitation. Treatments provided in this plan focus on addressing physical health, emotional well-being, and psychological factors as well. 

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